Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Wednesday Resource: White Lightning

This is a HUGE weapon in the battle against thrush.  White Lightning is a form of chlorine dioxide that is marketed by Grand Circuit.  It is vicious with fungus, yeast, and bacteria but does not harm healthy tissue.  How cool is that?  

According to an article by Howard Alliger (President of Fronteir Pharmaceuticals), chlorine dixide is used by the food industry and might be added to products like OJ to prevent spoilage.  It is used to bleach pulp for paper and in water treatment plants.  It is not toxic to the environment.  This widely used form of chorine is remarkable because, according to Alinger, it is rare to find an effective disinfectant that is also non-toxic.  Here is another article that describes in detail how this stuff ravages bacteria and fungus.

While there are several chlorine dioxide products currently being used to successfully treat thrush, I have found White Lightning very easy to use and after a year of application, it has been absolutely safe for Red's hoofs.  Here is my routine:

1.  Gather hoof soaking boots, White Lightning, measuring cup, white vinegar, scissors, duct tape, and super clingy saran wrap.

2.  Get Red in his booties.  

3.  Cut several lengths of duct tape - about 20 inches long.  Stick these to tie post.

4.  Mix 2 oz. White Lightning with 2 oz. vinegar.  This triggers the process that releases the chlorine dioxide gas.  Pour mixture into one boot.  

5.  Wrap saran wrap around boot and up cannon bone.

6.  Secure with duct tape at bottom (boot) and top (cannon bone).

7.  Repeat with other hoof.

8.  Wait about 45 mintues while the gas does its magic.

I take care to keep the mixture off of my clothes - it will bleach fabric.  When done, I simply pour the mixture into the ground.  Please visit Linda Cowle's Healthy Hoof for sone of the most helpful thrush treatment instructions I've found online.  She has a great photo "how to" section regarding White Lightning.