Sunday, February 22, 2009

Thinking About Going Barefoot?

                                                                                                                                   Red's FR Hoof 12-08

Earth'N'Hoof just a "makeover" and with this new "face" comes new intentions (or old intentions, restated).  One of the many aspects of providing a healthy life for Red and Lyra has been learning about how to care for their feet.  This blog is meant to record that journey.  I've noticed several blog authors setting a posting schedule to organize their writing.  Gonna give this a try.

Monday: Trimming Challenge Day (my horses sure give me plenty, no problem here)
Wednesday: Featured Resource Day
Saturday: Trimming - What I'm learning about
Sunday: Random Thoughts
No time like the present 
to start something new.

                       Same Hoof June, 2008

Getting Started with Barefoot Trimming - Online Education and Support

Maybe you live where you don't have access to a barefoot trimmer.  Could be you just aren't satisfied with your horse's level of soundness.  Maybe you are seeing your beloved partner becoming more and more impaired and treatment options are becoming increasingly extreme - nothing seems to be working.  Don't despair.  I believe the internet is an amazing resource and through the "net" you have access to an international commuunity of help, support and education.  Whether you are ready to pull the shoes, are thinking about it, or have been doing your own trimming for awhile and want to learn more, you will find assistance and inspiration.

Here are online resources that I have found absolutely invalueable in my quest towards healthy hoofs and heel-first landings . . . 

Online Barefoot Trimming Hoof Forums

Absolutely could not be doing this without the support and consultation of the many folks who so gracesously share their knowledge on these forums.  I have found the following three essential.  Please let me know of others.

If you are already trimming, you can upload photos and getting skilled consulation.  If you are just starting to think about barefoot as a possibility, you can get a "feel" for this approach to healthy hoofs and hear from lots of folks who are just beginning as well as others who are professionals in the field.  Even if you don't think going barefoot is for you or your horse, just give these forums a peek to see what is out there.  I'm so glad I did.

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